Palletisers and robots

The range of automatic industrial palletisers and robots stands out for its precision, efficiency and smoothness when forming the mosaic of boxes.

Cartesian axis palletiser

Palletising robots

Automatic palletising system

Palletizing Robots
Why choose our Palletizing Robots? 1. Unmatched Efficiency: Our robots are designed to perform palle
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Cartesian axis palletizer
Outstanding Features: 1. Unmatched Efficiency: Our Cartesian Shaft Palletizer is known for its abili
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Automatic palletizing system

Discover a revolutionary solution to optimise and streamline the palletising process on your production line. See our automated palletising system in action, designed to efficiently manage the loading, stacking and stability of products on pallets. Immerse yourself in the efficiency and precision of this system, as you watch how it autonomously handles the strategic placement of products on pallets, ensuring even and safe distribution. This video will show you how to save time, minimise errors and increase productivity in the crucial palletising process, taking your business to a new level of efficiency and profitability.

The action of palletizing a product is based on placing merchandise on a pallet for storage and transportation. Loads are palletized to achieve uniformity and ease of handling; saving space and taking advantage of loading, unloading and handling time. Which makes our palletizers and robots the best option to carry out this task with precision and efficiency.

They are adaptable to the client’s need for space, their dimensions mean that they can be adapted to different spaces, being an advantage for those companies that do not have a large surface area. At Dosimur we look for the best solutions to offer a quality service.

Our machinery is designed so that the process can be automated using sections of motorized rollers so that the pallets enter and leave the palletizing area, streamlining the process and promoting productivity.

From our company we take into account all the details so that our products meet the necessary requirements in terms of safety and compliance with industrial law, which is why our machinery is served with a perimeter fence that guarantees the safety of the operator, complying with the essential requirements of safety and health related to design and manufacturing according to current CE regulations.