Case packers

Our linear case packers are a versatile and efficient solution for packing and case packing of various types of containers and cases. It has a built-in case forming and an LCD terminal that facilitates quick access to work options. In addition, its design with removable guards and easy access to the machine elements ensures minimum maintenance. Constructed from stainless materials, we offer the option of stainless steel or PVC. In addition, our case packers are adaptable to the space requirements of each customer.

Automatic Box Forming Machine with Storage
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Stainless Steel Monoblock Box Forming Machine
  • 3.000 mm
  • 336 KG
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Monoblock PVC Box Forming Machine
  • 4.880 mm
  • 500 KG
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Forming and fitting monoblock

We invite you to discover the innovative machinery that will revolutionise your packaging process. This monoblock combines the functionality of case erecting and case packing in a single machine, optimising the efficiency of your production line.

Immerse yourself in the world of advanced technology as you witness the seamless process of forming and packing containers and cases accurately and quickly. Our monoblock offers superior quality at every step, from perfect case forming to precise case packing. Ergonomic design and easy access to the machine elements ensure quick and easy maintenance.

Automatic container packing machines dedicated to the industrial sector can be defined as those responsible for creating closed boxes, with the product inside. There are different types of packaging machines, at Dosimur we manufacture type B1 and Wrap Around case packers.

What type of packaging are they designed for?

Our range of case packers is designed to pack all types of products in boxes, containers and packaging. At Dosimur we care about offering the best quality in our machinery and adapting as much as possible to the current market, hence the design of our packers is intended for all types of industries, from the food sector to the chemical and cosmetic sector.

Type B1 and Wrap Around Packers

Dosimur presents our Type B1 and Wrap Around container packing machines.

Both models are excellent options for box formation and are prepared for all types of containers and boxes. Our designs are very versatile in relation to the different materials you want to work with, accepting large-weave cardboard.

Another of their qualities is that they have an LCD terminal for quick and easy access to the machine’s work options. All our machinery is designed and created with the latest technology in order to adapt to the current market and present intelligent products that facilitate the proper functioning of your company.

Add that they require minimal maintenance, with easily removable protections and accessibility to all
elements of the machine, which make them very easy machines to handle for workers.

The machinery is built entirely of stainless materials. This type of materials prevents corrosion, makes them very resistant to water and humidity, so they can be cleaned without any problem.

In addition to being made of stainless materials, they are available in stainless steel or PVC; depending on the customer’s needs and preferences, one material or another can be chosen.

Our trainers are adaptable to the space needs of our clients, they are flexible and fast, they respond agilely to a change of control and choice of the different options taken through their screen, which makes them a useful product in a company with broad production visions.